Donner Mid-Year Sale 2022: Everything To Know About the Deals
Donner Music is organising a Mid-Year Sale as the first half of the year comes to an end. This is a pretty good deal with a lot of savings.

Before Mid-Year Sale

As a warm-up promotion before the Sale, Donner UK will significantly drop prices on a variety of musical instruments in limited quantities, particularly acoustic guitars and amplifiers.

Three Sections Of Mid-Year Sale: June 27th--July 10th

The two-week Mid-Year Sale will formally begin on June 27th. The Mid-Year Sale promotion is divided into three sections.
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The first is the most well-known "Buy More, Pay Less" promotion. It provides three tiers of discount: £10 off orders over £60, £25 off orders over £120, and £60 off orders over £250. Customers can pick all musical instruments from the store, including ones that are already significantly reduced, and save more money by using coupons.
only 1 pound

The second section of the promotion is that Donner UK will offer substantial discounts on several musical instruments and accessories, with prices down to £1 or £9.99.

affordable digital pianos

The third part is that Donner UK will provide significant discounts on digital pianos and will introduce a £99.9 section for electric guitars.

electric guitars

From June 27th to July 10th, digital pianos can be purchased up to £75 off, while high-quality electric guitars can be acquired for £99.9.

one pound for two points
In addition, Donner will also start a "£1=2 Donner Points" promotion. Each pound spent throughout the Mid-Year Sale is worth two Donner Points instead of one. When enough points are accumulated, they can be traded for specific instruments or coupons in the store.
Finding simple but genuine discounts from musical instrument stores like Donner is a fabulous idea, especially if you are buying instruments for your family or class. Come and select your ideal musical instruments now!

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