Recently, there have been many infringing websites selling Donner® products at ultra-cheap prices. Here Donner makes a declaration:

  1. [] is the only official UK website of Donner®.
  2. Those infringing websites that sell Donner® products at unbelievable prices have never been authorized by Donner®. Therefore, Donner will not responsible for any problems with products sold through unofficial channels.
  3. Please don't trust any fraudulent website and beware of being cheated.
  4. Our company has complete trademark rights of 「Donner」, and we will severely crack down on companies or individuals who infringe on the exclusive right of Donner registered trademark, and investigate the legal responsibility of the relevant subjects.
  5. Follow our FB @DonnerMusic EU or IG to explore more information.
  6. If you become aware of any counterfeit websites or intellectual property infringements regarding our brands, please report them to us ( immediately and we will take prompt action.