Back-To-School Supplies for UK College Students 2022

Some college students may get worried about the upcoming new semester: unfinished summer projects, challenging curricula, social pressure, or simply fear of the pandemic. However, there is no need to wear the back-to-school necklace - because you always have ample time to collect yourself and get ready for the back-to-school days.

One of the things that can help you through this period is Donner UK's back-to-school sale where you can choose various high-quality musical instruments with 15% off discounts using the promotional code EA15.

Donner UK new school term sale

Covid-19 Protection

Although the UK has witnessed a significant drop in new Covid-19 affection cases, there is still a necessity for college students to apply proper protection equipment against the virus, for the campus is a highly interactive environment with many densely populated places like classrooms and canteens. Here are some essentials.


Yes, masks have been no longer required by colleges since January in the UK. However, if you plan to go out and you are not sure if that place is hazard-free, it's still advisable that you wear a mask. If you are going to a hospital, wearing a mask is still a must.

Alcohol-based hand wash

Washing hands remain the NHS-recommended approach to prevent Covid-19 infection. Many toilets on campus provide hand soaps and instruments on how to wash and rinse your hands. However, if you are outside and you touch something you deem unhygienic, you can clean your hands with a rinse-free hand wash that is alcohol-based.

mask an hand sanitizer

(Mask and hand sanitizer, photo from Unsplash by Tai's Captures)

Study essentials

E-readers or Tablets

Textbooks can be very expensive. According to the University of Essex, a British college student can spend between £450 and £1070 on textbooks every year.

Digital textbooks can be a hugely affordable alternative. On the one hand, some college libraries offer digital textbooks for their course to students; on the other hand, there are plenty of digital books available online, especially those on college reading lists. With an iPad, students can read them easily and even take notes on them with various digital pen brushes and highlighters.

iPad for textbook

(iPad for textbook reading and drawing, photo from Unsplash by Marek Levák)

Post-It sticky notes

Another way to deal with expensive textbooks is book rentals. There are many bookshops and websites that offer textbook rentals that are less costly than buying them.

When you use a rented textbook, one thing to take care of is not to damage the book, for example, by writing on it. What if you want to take notes about a paragraph? The solution is simple: use a Post-It sticky note.

This amazing sticky note pad allows you to stick a piece of paper on the book and remove it without any damage or debris on it. You can write anything on the note paper for future reviews. When you finish using the textbook, just recollect all your notes and organise them in your notebook, then return the textbook nice and clean.

There is also some transparent or semi-transparent note paper that allows you to highlight the lines under it with your highlighter pen.

Post-it for studying

(Using post-it for studying, photo from Unsplash by Will H McMahan)

Notebooks and pens

Although it's a highly digitalised society and you probably have an Apple Pencil to go with your iPad for easy note-taking, you can still use a good paper notebook for instant writing as well as a more organised mind map.

If you use memo pads to take notes, a notebook can help you organise them more easily. If you are a planner, there are many notebooks that offer pre-printed to-do lists, calendars, and more productivity tools.

good notebook for college students

(Notebook for college students, photo from Unsplash by Jess Bailey)

Active noise-cancelling earbuds

Whether learning online or on campus, you can always use earphones. It is highly advisable that you try a good pair of active noise-cancelling earbuds (ANC earbuds). On the one hand, they can effectively eliminate ambient noise so that you can focus better on your study; on the other hand, enjoying your favourite music while studying or reading can drastically enhance your experience and reduce fatigue.

Donner DoBuds ONE

Among all the ANC earbuds in the market, the Donner DoBuds ONE active noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds is a killer for under £100. Selling only at £69.9, the DoBuds ONE provides 30dB noise reduction. In simple terms, loud conversations will sound like whispering to your ears with them.

The ergonomic design of the Dobuds ONE TWS earphones makes it a bliss. Your ears will feel comfortable even after wearing them for a long time.

Extracurricular activities for enjoyment and improvement

The Oxford Summer Courses share a list of extracurricular activities to help you stand out in college applications. We find that also great for college students to enrich their campus life and broaden their eyes.

Join a campus sports club

Sports are a traditional club activity for boys and girls at college. Schools offer clubs like football, rugby, polo, and tennis clubs for students to grow physically and socially. Some students can also enjoy mountaineering, golf, and swimming during college time.

Write blogs or journals

It's perfect for students who enjoy writing. There is plenty of time and topics to write about on campus: from school life to majors. You can also share your college application experience with others by writing.

There are many school journals where you can contribute your articles. You can also open up your personal blog on the school website or an open platform.

writing on computer

(Writing on a computer, photo from Unsplash by Kaitlyn Baker)

Learn a musical instrument

If you are into music, college is one of the best places for you to fall in love. You can practice in its beautiful and quiet environment, and maybe find same-minded fellow students to play together with. We would like to recommend several musical instruments for UK college students.

Guitars or ukuleles for college students

It's always a good choice for college students to start with a guitar. It's compact and partners perfectly with almost any song. Whether you want an acoustic guitar or a classic guitar, there are some very good bargains and free courses out there.

Donner DAG-1M 36-Inch 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Donner DAG-1M 36-Inch 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar, for just £105.88

If you like travelling a lot, you can also choose a ukulele, a more compact guitar with four strings instead of six. It can easily fit into your backpack for carrying around.

Donner DUS-10K Soprano Ukulele

 Donner DUS-10K Soprano Ukulele, for just £39.99


Donner DUC-200 23-inch Mahogany Professional Concert Ukulele

Donner DUC-200 23-inch Mahogany Professional Concert Ukulele, for just £55.99 

Electric guitars for college students

If you are interested in more diverse music with a touch of technology, an electric guitar is a good option. It's smaller and thinner, and often with lighter strings. You can practise your hands more easily with an electric guitar.

The sound range of an electric guitar is often wider than that of an acoustic guitar. This is important especially when you are practising for a performance.

If you prefer to practise in your dorm, using an electric guitar is more friendly for your roommates as it can conduct low-volume physical sounds and pass all emulated sound to your ears through earphones.

Donner DTC-100 Electric Guitar

Donner DTC-100 Electric Guitar, for just £116.94

For shows on stage, you also need good-quality speakers that allow your audience to hear clearly and crisply.

Donner DA-20 Electric Guitar Amplifier, for just £99.99

Violins for college students

Violin is not an easy instrument to master, but its presence in all kinds of performances makes it an ideal choice. You can play solo on campus, or play in your college's orchestra when you learn it well.

Eastar EVA-2 Student Violin
Eastar EVA-2 Student Violin, for just £85.99


Saxophones for college students

While not so popular as guitars among individual students, saxophones are an essential component in any college marching band. If you are selected by your school's band for your talent in the saxophone, having your own instrument can surely help you improve your skills and blend in with your band faster.


Eastar AS-Ⅱ Student Alto Saxophone

 Eastar AS-Ⅱ Student Alto Saxophone, for just £340.81

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