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Donner DEP-10 Portable Keyboard 88-Key Semi-Weighted with Furniture Stand

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Outstanding Tone Quality

  • Featuring 128 Polyphony, allows you to reproduce the real piano sound as much as possible and it is not easy to lose the sound.
  • Adopted French DREAM Sound Source.
  • AWM Dynamic Samples produce deeper, richer and broader sounds.
  • 8 Premium Tones includes: Acoustic Grand Piano, Bright Acoustic Piano, Electric Grand Piano, Chorus Piano, Harpsichord, Vibrating Harp, Church Organ, Strings Ensemble.

Standard Piano Keyboard

  • DEP-10S with Half-weighted Hammer keys give more Sensitive Touch response to your playing.
  • Equipped with 88-key Standard Full Size keyboard, which corrects playing postures and helps you grasp playing skills of various strength styles.
  • DEP-10S weighted action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter in the high end, like the hammers inside. Compared with DEP-20, the weight is slightly weaker, and it is more suitable for playing different styles of music and younger beginners or women with less hand strength.

Designed for Learning

  • Designed in collaboration with music teachers, DEP-10S is great for students of all ages.
  • Headphone Mode allows you to enjoy learning anytime without disturbing others. Support two earphones to monitor at the same time, which is convenient for mute teaching.
  • Comes with Metronome Switch.
  • Transpose Function can change the tone of the playing keyboard without changing the finger movement of the keyboard.
  • A standard USB MIDI Port allows connection to any Mac, PC, iOS or Android devices to use Learning APPs.

Control Panel & Complete Interface

  • Comes with Sustain Pedal designed by Donner (also on sale), no need to purchase additional essentials.
  • Built-in two 25 Watt powerful Stereo Speakers and equipped with Audio Interface, connectable to higher powered speakers, bringing you richer and better experience of practice and performance.
  • Effect Control for selecting or adjusting trill effect/suspension/DSP effect.
  • Recording Mode for storing or arranging the music, storing your creative inspiration in time.
  • Support Interface: USB MIDI interface/ Sustain Pedal interface/ MP3-USB interface/ 2 Headphone interfaces.

Detachable Music Stand

  • The detachable music stand is very suitable for learning piano.
  • Just align the card slots and press to install.

Zinc-alloy Triple Pedal

  • DEP-10S with wooden furniture piano stand has a metal 3-pedal system (Sustain Pedal,Soft Pedal and Supersonic Pedal) to ensure the quality of practice and create a new experience in music and performance.

Wooden Furniture Piano Stand

  • The wooden stand complements the keyboard so that it looks like a more traditional home piano, but still allows the piano to be removed from the stand for portability.
  • Stand Size - 52 * 11.2 * 29.9 inch / 135 * 30 * 76 cm


Keyboard Type:Semi-Weighted 88-Key Keyboard
Polyphony : 128
Trumpet: ≥25W*2
Timbre: 8
Rhythm: 128
Demo Song: 30
Package Dimensions: 52in*11.2in*29.9in
Weight: 48.17lb

Package Includes:

DEP-10 Digital Piano X 1
Furniture Stand X 1
3-Pedal Unit X 1
Power Adapter X 1

Great News: Donner App is Officially Online !
The new donner app contains a wealth of lessons for music lovers at all stages of learning. We have hired Berklee College of Music's best teachers to record instructional videos, aiming to provide music lovers with more professional guidance. You can download our app from Google Play or APP store, you can learn music anytime, anywhere, and it will make your music learning journey more convenient!

3012 3011 3060 3060
DEP-20 DEP-10 DEP-20 DEP-10
Keyboard Full Weighted Semi Weighted Full Weighted Semi Weighted
Size 56.69*13.78*9.45 in 52.3*11.6*7.2 in 52*11.2*29.9 in 52*11.2*29.9 in
Wight 25.5lb 18.9lb 54.56lb 48.17lb
Timbre/Rhythm 238/200 8/128 238/200 8/128
Pedals 1 1 3 3
Preset songs(demo) 100 30 100 30
MIDI Connectivity
Bluetooth / / / /
Furniture stand / /
Piano cover / / / /


Ask a Question
  • Does this keyboard have a midi connection?

    Yes, it comes with MP3 player function, double earphone jacks, USB MIDI jack.

  • Does it have Bluetooth

    This product has Bluetooth function, but you cannot use Bluetooth to connect to the headset. Bluetooth can only be used in the connection software.

  • Does this have a harmonium tune aswell

    It doesn’t have harmonium but it has 5 sounds including church organ and Piano. It has many different background rhythms and has some tunes it plays by itself.

  • Does it have a recording system?

    Yes, it supports recording mode for storing or arranging the music.

  • Can you get a peddle for this

    Yes, our DEP-10 digital piano that comes with sustain pedal has sustain pedal interface, triangle pedal interface and audio inputs & outputs. 

  • Can you connect this piano to a music production software such as Logic Pro X?

    Recommended software for listening to music on the computer and mobile phone & tablet APP: garageband or pop piano. If not, (1) you may need to connect the sound card first, and then connect to the computer. (2) If he is connected to a tablet and does not use a sound card, it will be recognized automatically when it is plugged in, so let him change to another app and try pop music.
    For editing software windows, you can consider using Cubase
    The piano simulation software Synthesia is compatible.

  • can i connect to my computer

    You can use the USB port to connect to the computer.

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