Donner DED-200X Electronic Drum Set 5-Drum 4-Cymbal 450-Sound with Drum Throne/Headphone

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Donner aim to create new experiences in music and performance.
Relying on its strong and efficient research & development team,  Donner is resolved to continue to create innovative and excellent instruments which maintain the high quality that inspires professional artists and creators.
New Digital Restored Tone Sound Source.
Using digital technology to record the sound of real instruments, the software algorithm and calculation efficiency of the French DREAM chip, highly restore the dynamic timbre of each drum set. 6 layers of intensity layering accurate to each timbre trigger, closer to the original drum playing intensity. 50 sets of preset drum set samples from the original sound of classic models of instruments, built-in 450 timbres, and 31 sets of drum sets cover all musical styles, allowing you to enjoy every note! Enjoy every note!

High reduction mesh drum surface dynamic touch

The 8" snare drum (double trigger) and 8" tom (single trigger) mesh percussion pads have superior trigger technology, with precise strike zones on the drum surface and sides, so you won't miss a single sound return. Double-layer mesh high-density structure, to ensure the service life of the case, but also better to enhance the percussion feedback. High sensitivity sensor, can meet 4 layers of strength trigger, can better restore the real drum percussion sense.

Precise position sensing cymbals

Both 10" Hihat and 10" Crash have precise position sensing sensors. Crash provides dual triggering for the edge and surface of the cymbal as well as the blocking area. The 10" Ride has both edge and blocking areas. All cymbals have a stable support structure that eliminates wobble and does not emit unwanted vibrations for more accurate hitting feedback. Made of the latest environmentally friendly silicone material, the product xi lasts longer.

Stable structure drum frame

In order to make the drum stand support stable and safe, Donner developed a more stable metal drum stand, which can withstand frequent assembly and disassembly, and also easy to adjust a personal comfortable position. Portable and foldable for easy transport and storage space, suitable for home and outdoor performances. The drum tray is more resistant to interference, allowing you to have a more professional and comfortable drumming configuration.
More groundbreaking features and practice accompaniment
In order to give you a better experience, the main unit has a clear function button, and each drum is equipped with a button, when you use the 50 sets of practice song function, the main unit will be paired with each drum piece button will be prompted to make your practice more interesting. The host has a recording function that allows you to record and store or play in real-time, recording the moment of each time you play. 3 sets of coaching functions can also capture the accuracy of each of your strikes, scoring system at the end of the practice, so that you know the problematic points in the practice, is an excellent assistant on the way to your technical progress.

Rich expansion interface
The DED-200 can be extended to hang Crash2, up to 5 drums, and 4 cymbals configuration, allowing you more flexibility to match your drum kit to meet your style and needs. The DED-200 can be linked to DAW software via the USB MIDI interface to use as a tool for your music creation, or you can record your music creation through the audio output via a sound card. The DED-200 can meet your needs in playing, practicing, and small recording jobs.
Claim Your FREE DAWs
Buying Donner DED-200 gets you free melodies code, Click here to claim your free melody after placing your order, or contact our customer service team directly.
Product Features:

DED-200 Upgraded Electronic Drum:

4 stand
Rack Tom
8" Mesh
6.5" rubber (kick pedal included)
Rack Tom2
8" Mesh
8" Dual-Zone Mesh
Floor Tom
8" Mesh
10" w/Pedal
Floor Tom2
10" w/Choke
10" w/Choke
Third-party audio import
Number of audio sources
Practice Song
Force layering
Snare 6 Ply , Tom Kick 3 Ply
1/8" Stereo Aux Input
"1/4" Main Outputs
1/8" Stereo Headphone Output"

Record Save
Audio Sources
External Drum Pan Input
6.35mm Cymbal
6.35mm Tom

35.62*21.65*12.20 inch 

(90.5cm * 55cm * 31cm)

54.67lb (24.8kg)
Cymbal Material
Silicone and Plastic
Drum Head Material
Other material
Power adapter
9V/DC, 1A
Instruction Manual
DED-200 Upgrade Electronic Drum Set.pdf


Ask a Question
  • How many extra cymbals can i add?

    Dear customer, this drum set has 4 cymbals, so it cannot add extra cymbals any more.

  • Can headsets (wired or wireless) be connected?

    Yes, the wired headset can be connected.

  • Is there an Auxiliary port or a way to play along with your own music?

    Yes. There's a 3.5mm port on the brain next to the headphone out that is the input for music sources.

  • Does it come wirh a seat, sticks, and/or headphones

    Hi, thanks for your question. The upgraded DED-200 includes a drum seat, drum sticks, and headphones.

  • What's the difference between Standard and Upgraded?

    The DED-200 Upgrade main unit has been re-upgraded: DSP chip software sound processing, with precise velocity layering sensitivity, built-in includes 30 preset drum kits and 1 user-defined drum kit, with rich sound presets and customizable Drum kits with 450 sounds covering all musical styles! Compared with the old and new functions: There are 4 built-in coaching mode functions, and you can practice basic skills anytime, anywhere. The main unit has a quick Ambience knob button to quickly recall the effect.

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