Welcome to Join DonnerMusic UK Group!  As a young brand founded in 2012, Donner always aims to create innovative and high-quality musical instruments, which inspire professionals and beginners alike. 

As a member of our group, you can:
- Get a group-specific CODE
- Get notifications of DonnerMusic's Latest events.
- Get daily premium music content shared by DonnerMusic
- Participate in regular group events and win wonderful gifts
- Connect with fellow players to share your progress and experience.
Facebook Group: DonnerMusic_UK


1. Q: Who is allowed to join the events?

A: Just become a Donner member and join now!

2. Do I only participate in events through Facebook?

A: No, we will have different event formats, please check our event descriptions for details.

3. Is the event valid for a long time?

A: No, there is a time limit for each event. please check our event descriptions for details.

4. Why didn't I receive my prize?

A:Please contact us through the group or send us an email at