Behind the Scene – Donner Warehouse Tour

Do you ever wonder what happens after you click the buy button and how our inspirational musical instruments make their way to you? Allow us to take you on an online tour of our distribution centers.

Our business has a global reach, so we currently have distribution centers and third-party warehouses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. We have five distributions centers in the United States, three on the west coast and two in the east. The first distribution center Donner established in the United States is located in Los Angeles. The other four are located in Fontana, California; Azusa, California; Bordentown, New Jersey; and Hebron, Kentucky. The UK distribution center is located in Wolverhampton. In Australia, we have two distribution centers, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. Finally, the German distribution center resides in Euskirchen. All of our facilities around the world are staffed by our efficient logistics teams who provide quick and timely delivery for you and all of our customers. We prefer to call these facilities distribution centers instead of warehouse because they not only store all of our available products coming directly from our factory, but they also fulfill all of our orders. At each main distribution center, most of the orders are processed and shipped directly to our customers every day. Despite the numerous orders we receive each day, we make sure we can deliver all of our customers’ orders in pristine condition and in the shortest amount of time.


With all this general information out of the way, we invite you to tour our distribution centers in more detail.

 Donner warehouse 

Service Process

Inbound products

Shipped directly from the factory, products are transported to the inbound area of the facilities by trucks and get unloaded carefully, either manually or by forklifts. Depending on the kind of product and its size, it is handled differently. Large products are stacked carefully on pallets and stowed in designated areas. Small or medium-size products are put onto shelves according to their category. Every product receives careful inspections before it is put away in case there are any damages from transportation.

Shipped directly from the factory, the products are transported to the inbound area by trucks and get unloaded carefully either manually or by forklifts. According to different categories and sizes, big-size products are piled up on pallets and stowed in categorized areas. Small or medium-size products are put onto the shelves in categorization. Every one of the products receives careful overall package inspections before they are put to where they belong in case of any damages during the transportation.

 Donner warehouse

Stowing Environment

Since many of our products are wooden or contain electronics, the storage environment has to be controlled and consistent or the tone and quality of the instruments may be affected. This is a common customer concern, but there is no need to worry. Our warehouses are specially selected to prevent drastic temperature changes. The temperature of the warehouses is kept constant, and regular humidity checks are carried out to make sure that all the products are in good condition. We want to deliver the best instruments that enable the best musical performances.

 Donner warehouse stowing

Gathering Orders

When orders come in, our meticulous administration team and warehouse staff head to the corresponding areas and gather the products to fulfill each order. Unlike other companies, which use robots to assemble orders, all of our orders are gathered  manually, partly because some of our instruments are heavy, but also because we want to make sure every order is fulfilled correctly the first time. We abide by the principle that customers come first, and any errors on our part could result in a loss of time, money, or convenience for you.

Assured Delivery & Quality 

After the order is placed, we also double-check the order information and the quality of the products ordered. Our team makes sure that the delivery address is within the distribution center’s area of operation and whether other warehouses might provide faster delivery. This also helps us to prevent stock shortages, which are a waste of your time. In addition, to making sure you are satisfied with the condition of your purchases once you get them, our team also carries out detailed inspections of the products before final packaging and shipping.


After final inspections, items are resealed into their original packaging and then packed with several layers of high polymer anti-wear plastic covering so your order will not be exposed  to the elements or damaged. Our products are packed in sturdy boxes and cases when they are assembled and shipped from the factory. Nearly everything reaches the warehouses in ideal condition, which attests to the quality of this packing. To make extra sure there are no delivery accidents, we do pack some of our products with impact resistant foam, and we guarantee, regardless of packaging, that your products will arrive undamaged.


After packaging, products will be organized according to their destinations and time of order.

Shipping & Delivery Timeliness

We have established strong relationships with large shipping services like UPS, USPS, etc., to ensure the fastest delivery times. Our delivery time is normally within 2-3 working days. Due to pandemic circumstances, delivery may be a little delayed, and we genuinely appreciate your understanding on this matter. Deliveries outside of the United States may also be slightly delayed because of fewer warehouses and greater distances, but we are setting up more warehouses all over the world to shorten our average delivery time everywhere. During our big sales events, we arrange to have adequate stock on hand in advance so all orders can be shipped out on time and so you don’t need to worry about getting your purchases late.

Pandemic Protection

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, pandemic protection has been our priority. For the health of both our customers and our staff, we make special efforts in sanitizing our products and warehouses. Multiple stages of sanitation are carried out before the products get shipped from the factory and arrive at our distribution centers. Each of our warehouses is also regularly sanitized. Before we hand off orders to our shipping partners, extra polyvinyl alcohol is also sprayed on the packages for safety. Please also sanitize the package after you receive it. Stay safe!


Thanks to the complete control over our inventory and supply chain, and the excellent organization of products in our warehouses, our warehouses accommodate large inventories of products and have plenty of space leftover. This makes it easy to store extra stock for our big sales events like Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year’s. Moreover, the large storage spaces allow us to have every product in stock with with plenty of supply, so you don’t have to worry about items going out of stock.

Donner warehouse inventory 

More Information

That’s it for our online warehouse tour! Should you have any questions or want more information, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the Contact Us button. Until next time, keep playing and stay safe!

UK Warehouse Address: C/O Unit 4 Pantheon Park,
Wednesfield way, Willenhall
United Kingdom,
WV11 3DS

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