Donner's MEDO: The Innovative Musical Device Takes Center Stage

MEDO is Donner's newest musical invention, and it's packed with features that are sure to leave you in awe. At its core, MEDO seamlessly combines a sampler, synthesizer, looper, MIDI controller, and speaker, offering musicians an all-in-one solution for their creative needs. Whether you're in the mood for synth exploration, rhythmic sampling, looping, or MIDI control, MEDO has got you covered. You can check out MEDO’s Kickstarter Campaign for more information and make pre-order.

MusicRadar's Ben Rogerson provides valuable insights into what makes MEDO stand out in the music tech landscape. He highlights MEDO's unique grid-based touch control surface, which adapts to different musical modes, making it incredibly versatile for various music genres. Additionally, the 128-bar looper adds depth to your compositions, allowing you to experiment and create freely.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of MEDO, as noted by Rogerson, is its size and affordability. Its compact design means you can carry it anywhere, turning any location into your creative studio. With the early-bird pledge option offering significant savings, it's no wonder that MEDO is generating a lot of interest in the music community.

MatrixSynth aptly sums up MEDO as a compact, portable, standalone musical instrument that fuses the capabilities of a sampler, synthesizer, looper, MIDI controller, and speaker. This harmonious blend of features empowers musicians of all levels to capture inspiration and create music instantly.

Donner MEDO

Key Features of MEDO

  • Sampler: MEDO provides up to five seconds of sampling time, allowing you to capture and manipulate sounds on the fly.
  • Versatile Touch Control: Its grid-based touch control surface adapts to your chosen mode - drum, bass, chord, or lead.
  • Powerful Looper: With a 128-bar looper, you can build up intricate musical compositions effortlessly.
  • Built-in Speakers: Experience your creations through MEDO's built-in speakers, immersing yourself in the music you make.
  • RGB Lights: Visualize your music with RGB lights that add an extra layer of creativity to your performances.
  • Portability: Its compact size makes MEDO highly portable, so you can take your musical ideas with you wherever you go.


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