Eastar EP-10 Foldable Semi-Weighted Full Size 88-Key Portable Electric Piano

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【88 Full-sized Digital Piano】
88 full-size Digital Piano Keyboard with semi-weighted keys, velocity-sensitive that closely replicate the feel of a real piano. with an adjustable touch response to suit your preferred playing style.
【Excellent Sound &128 Tones】
88 Key Digital piano, with its drastically improved sound quality compared to the tRoll Up Piano Keyboard, allows you to enjoy a variety of instruments. 128 polyphonic tones, players can clearly distinguish chorus and reverb tones in a variety of settings, perfect for teaching and learning.
【Upgrade Bluetooth Function】
Electronic Piano is equipped with an upgraded Bluetooth Audio and MIDI technology to ensure a fast and stable connection to your Mobile device, making it easy to play your favorite music and record your own original music.
【Playing on the Go】
The foldable design makes it easy for you to take the Piano Keyboard whenever they go. Comes with power or with rechargeable Lithium batteries for professional piano performance wherever you are (8-10h Playtime per full charge) , Perfect for outdoor plays, Band practice, piano lessons.
【Support Multiple Facilities】
Piano Keyboard 88 keys can connect to many facilities such as earphones, speakers, sustain pedals, and MP3 sound sources, It is the perfect home or outdoor Electric Piano for rehearsal, performance, learning and creation.
【Portable, Texture Upgrade】
Compared with the traditional hand-rolled piano, there is a great improvement in sound quality and feel. The only thing that remains the same is the same portability, carry the foldable digital piano around and play it anywhere.
Support Multiple Facilities
The digital piano has a rich interface, offering unlimited possibilities for music creation. The piano has a rich interface that offers unlimited possibilities for musical composition. It is the optimal home or outdoor electric piano, whether you are using it for rehearsal, performance, TikTok live, practice or music creation. The 88 key piano keyboard has a total of five external interfaces:

Sustain Pedal Interface (3.5mm)MP3 Interface (3.5mm)Microphone Interface (3.5mm)Headphone jack (3.5mm)
Type C Charging Port
  Customer or influencer review:
" I like that it charges so that I do not have to be next to an outlet to play – but was surprised that it is a USB plug and not a wall socket. But I suppose it doesn’t matter as it is rechargeable. I am VERY happy that I got this."-Brenda
"I got this for my daughter's who have been wanting to play piano because their neighbor who is 8 years old plays piano and is quite good. The speaker is decent for practice, it doesn't get annoying loud band it also has a headphone jack which is great so that they can practice quietly. Very pleased with this keyboard works perfectly for our needs."-Rk
“I thought that there are many merits as a whole, such as abundant functions, ease to use, compact size, space-saving, and portability.”-Vivi
Tech Specs: Eastar EP-10 Foldable Semi-Weighted Digital Piano 
Keyboard type 88 Key Foldable Semi-Weighted Digital Piano
Polyphony 32
Trumpet /
Display LCD
Timbre 128
Rhythm 128
Demo song 20
Type ABS plastic
Velocity Curve Force switch
Package dimensions 70 x 27 x 18 cm
Weight 5.7kg
Accessories 1 X Folding Piano
1 X Sheet Music Stand
1 X Sustain Pedal
1 X Piano Bag
1 X Instruction Manual
Interface 1. Sustain Pedal Interface (3.5mm)
2. MP3 Interface (3.5mm)
3. Microphone Interface (3.5mm)
4. Headphone jack (3.5mm)
5. Type C Charging Port
Function Dual keyboard,
Automatic chords,
Force switch,
Keyboard drum,
Teaching function,
Bluetooth function


Ask a Question
  • Support bluetooth headsets such as Apple Airpods?

    Dear customer, this foldable digital piano cannot connect to a Bluetooth headset.

  • Does the volume respond to the force used on the keys?

    No, this piano is a semi-weighted keyboard, the volume cannot respond to the force used on the keys.

  • Why does it say it is semi-weighted? It is an organ type action, not a piano action.

    Eastar EP-10 is semi-weighted, it has a folding design for easy portability, piano-like finger touch and key depth, and it has more functions.

  • Will it work with a phone and app like yousician piano?

    Yes, the product has a Bluetooth function, which can be connected to a mobile phone and used together with an APP.

  • What is learn mode?

    There are 2 learning modes: Teaching A: Select different demo music and short-press the Demo button to enter the teaching mode. Playing any key can play the main melody of the demo song, and keyboard lights with the main melody on and off. Teaching B: Select different demo music and short-press the Demo button to enter the teaching mode. Keyboard light with the main melody, the user press the right keys, lights the next note of the lamp; If the user does not press the right keys, they pause until they press the right keys to light the next note.

  • Can i use the usb port to connect to my computer (for usb midi) instead of using bluetooth to do so?

    This product has no USB/MIDI port and can only be connected via Bluetooth.

  • Can i play it while its folded?

    Dear Customer, yes, you can play it while it is folded.

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