Donner HUSH-I Headless Hush Guitar Kit

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Type: Guitar
Color: Mahogany
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Headless, Limitless
The ultra-compact and lightweight Donner HUSH-I Guitar is the perfect axe for travel and practice. Although being a full-scale guitar, it features a headless and detachable bar-frame design for extreme compaction and quietness with the least amount of wood. The onboard Donner custom-designed piezo pickup and preamp deliver you the ideal tone over the unplugged quietness via headphones and traditional cable output while also giving you full tone control with the “Volume”, “High”, and “Low” Knobs. The onboard “Phase” button also guarantees you stability in live venues. Play beyond the limits.
Headless Design and Bone NutMahogany/Maple Body and NeckAsymmetrical Neck ProfilePiezo PickupOnboard Custom Designed Preamp with Phase ButtonAll-in-One Onboard Magnetic Hex Wrench

Headless and Ultra-Compact Design
The Donner HUSH-I breaks the conventions with the headless concise frame design which delivers the ultimate compaction for travel and multiple playing scenarios. The overall design and the selection of fingerboard and frame material also save extra usage of wood making the Donner HUSH-I one of the most environmentally friendly wooden guitars.

Round-Edge Frets
The exquisitely crafted Donner HUSH-I is equipped with 20 customized round-edge frets that will serve to provide years of smooth playing experience right out of the box.
Asymmetrical Neck Profile
This guitar features an asymmetrical and finely polished neck that allows a silky-smooth transition on the whole neck, easy chording on the low register, and comfortable soloing on the high register.
Onboard Preamp
With a built-in custom-designed preamp, this guitar not only can play through headphones and an amplifier but also the onboard EQ enables you to fine-tune the sound to your very own tastes. Furthermore, the anti-phase button on the preamp also serves to eliminate the feedback on the guitar, securing your live performance at the tip of your finger.
Removable Frames
The ergonomically designed metal frames are easily removable for both extremely lightweight and traditional playability. The smoothly rounded edges of the frames keep you away from cutting yourself as well.
Onboard All-in-One Hex Wrench
With onboard magnetic hex wrench storage, the guitar also comes with an all-in-one hex wrench compatible with truss rod adjustment, tuning, and frame installation with no risk of dropping it. A guitar and the included gig bag are all that is needed to secure everything.
Once accurately tuned, hold the guitar in playing position. Next, press down on the first string at the first fret and also at the last fret, and measure the separation between the string and the fret at the eighth fret in the same way, measure this separation for the lowest string and make the necessary adjustments so that the separations are in the range of 0.1-0.2 mm.
Clockwise rotation can cause the mast to buckle, which can correct the problem of the mast being too concave and the string being too high. Counterclockwise rotation can cause the mast to buckle, which can correct the problem of ringing caused by excessive mast protrusion.
Body Material
Body Finish
Natural Matte
Body Shape
Neck Material
Neck Construction
Neck Finish
Matte Finish
Neck Shape
Scale Length
628 mm
Fingerboard  Material
Fingerboard Radius
Number of Frets
Fret Size
Rounded frets
Nut Material
Bone Nut
Nut Width
Position Inlays
Pearloid White Dot
Side Dots
Pearloid White Dot
Truss Rod
Bridge Pickup
Piezo pickup
Preamp Electronics
Donner's custom-designed preamp(Phase, Volume, High, Low)
HPL with Bone Nut
Hardware Finish
Tuning Machines
Donner's custom-designed tuning machine
Nickel Plated Steel (.010-.047 Gauges)
Comes with Bag, Earphones, Strap, Tuner, Allen Wrench, Picks, Rag, User Manual
TIPS In order to avoid the power consumption of the pickup battery too fast, please pull out the plug in time after using each interface (headphone output interface, AUX-IN input interface, 6.35mm output interface).
Manual Donner HUSH Guitar Manual.pdf


Ask a Question
  • What is the recommended string type/size for this instrument?

    I use standard acoustic strings… light 10 or 11s.

  • What is the width of this neck? Is it closer to electric guutars or acoustic ones? Are the fingers over crowded as they are with many electrics? Thank

    Has a more acoustic neck width.

  • What is the weight of the guitar with the metal ergonomic attachment?

    The weight of the guitar with the metal ergonomic attachment is about 1.5kg.

  • Neck radius?

    I measured and mine shows a 12" radius.

  • Do you need an amp to hear any sound?

    Short answer, no. You can plug 1/8 inch headphones directly into the guitar for sound, or use a 1/4 inch instrument cable to an amp if you want to really rattle some windows. The headpone option would be for practice or playing that really only you would hear. Unplugged, the guitar is no louder than an unplugged electric guitar. 

  • How do you turn off this guitar?

    Remove the headphone jack or cable when not in use.

  • Can this fit in a carry on?

    Yes, this guitar can fit in a carry-on.

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