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Donner DEP-20 Portable Keyboard 88-Key Weighted with Sustain Pedal

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Donner DEP-20 – multi-function digital piano with 88 full-sized hammer action keys, adjustable touch response. Realistic piano-playing experience with a dual 25W stereo speaker system that ensures a rich and acoustic-like sound. Multi-sampled premium ‘DREAM’ sound engine from real grand piano sounds with many presets and effects. The smart Split Mode, Lesson Mode, and Record Mode with USB audio/MIDI connectivity will suit beginners and professional players in any situation. The Donner DEP-20 comes with FREE piano video lessons from Berklee piano teacher on Donner Music APP. Stylish and portable multi-featured digital piano with MIDI functions: the perfect choice for you.

Outstanding Tone Quality

  • Featuring 128 Polyphony, allows you to reproduce the real piano sound as much as possible and it is not easy to lose the sound.
  • Adopted French DREAM Sound Source.
  • AWM Dynamic Samples produce deeper, richer and broader sounds.
  • 238 Premium Tones includes: Acoustic Grand Piano, Bright Acoustic Piano, Electric Grand Piano, Chorus Piano, Harpsichord, Vibrating Harp, Church Organ, Strings Ensemble, ect.

Standard Piano Keyboard

  • DEP-20 with Full-weighted Hammer-Action keys (with simulated ebony and ivory textured keys) provide the authentic weighting of an acoustic piano, giving more Sensitive Touch response to your playing.
  • Equipped with 88-key Standard Full Size keyboard, which corrects playing postures and helps you grasp playing skills of various strength styles.

Dual Keyboard Function

  • Duet Mode is convenient when two players, such as parent and child or teacher and student, practice together as the keys to the left and right of center on the keyboard can be set to the same tonal range. You can play two different tone at the same time.
  • Headphone Mode allows you to enjoy learning anytime without disturbing others. Support two earphones to monitor at the same time, which is convenient for mute teaching.
  • Comes with Metronome Switch.
  • Transpose Function can change the tone of the playing keyboard without changing the finger movement of the keyboard.
  • A standard USB MIDI Port allows connection to any Mac, PC, iOS or Android devices to use Learning APPs.

Control Panel & Multimedia

  • Comes with Sustain Pedal designed by Donner (also on sale), no need to purchase additional essentials.
  • The musical expression you can achieve from the DEP-20 belies its slimline dimensions, thanks to a brand new Dynamic Stereo Sound Engine and a Dual 25 Watt built-in speaker system. Also equipped with Audio Interface, connectable to higher powered speakers.
  • Effect Control for selecting or adjusting trill effect/suspension/DSP effect.
  • Recording Mode for storing or arranging the music, storing your creative inspiration in time.
  • Support Interface: USB MIDI interface/ Sustain Pedal interface/ MP3-USB interface/ 2 Headphone interfaces.
Create with MIDI keyboard & Easy Audio Connection
  • USB Port, USB-MIDI, dual 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone jack, 1/4” (6.35mm) audio in & out, sustain pedal and triple pedal unit connectivity
  • Compact, and easy to store and move at home or on the go
  • Package includes digital piano, sustain pedal, sheet music stand, power adapter, instruction manual
  • Sturdy design that weighs less than 25 pounds
  • Specifications:

    Power adapter:12V/DC ,3A
    Size : 133×29.5×18.5
    Package Weight: 11.6kg
    Key material: plastic & ABS
    Body material:Plastic
    Pedal material: metal
    Other material: wire, plastic

    Package includes:

    Digital piano ×1
    Power adapter×1

    DEP-20 Manual Download: Donner dep-20 manual.pdf
    3012 3011 3060
    DEP-20 DEP-10 DEP-20
    Keyboard Full Weighted Semi Weighted Full Weighted
    Size 56.69*13.78*9.45 in 52.3*11.6*7.2 in 52*11.2*29.9 in
    Wight 25.5lb 18.9lb 54.56lb
    Timbre/Rhythm 238/200 8/128 238/200
    Pedals 1 1 3
    Preset songs(demo) 100 30 100
    MIDI Connectivity
    Bluetooth / / /
    Furniture stand / /
    Piano cover / / /
    The Donner DEP-20 comes with FREE piano video lessons from Berklee piano teacher on Donner Music APP. Stylish, and portable multi-featured digital piano with MIDI functions: the perfect choice for you.
    Claim Your FREE DAWs
    Buying Donner DEP-20 gets you free melodies code, Click here to claim your free melody after placing your order, or contact our customer service team directly.


    Ask a Question
    • Does the sound volume change the harder you push the key?

      Yes, it restores the tone and feel of the real grand piano.

    • Is it full weighted?

      Yes the keys are fully weighted.

    • where can you buy a triple pedal to connect to the socket?

      This product will come with a pedal, if you want to know more, you can consult our after-sales service.

    • Is there any latency issues with this keyboard when being used to record via midi?

      There is no delay, this product can record, and there is a USB/MIDI interface next to the power interface, and you can record the songs you play by connecting to a computer.

    • Does I’m the keyboard have touch sensitivity?

      Yes, As you would expect the harder you press the keys the louder the sound.It is a fully weighted keyboard ( like a piano) and has quite a heavy action so it will take time to build up your finger strength, dexterity and flexibility.

    • Odd question When not in use, carefully standing it on end on carpet vertically. Leand against a wall for space saving. Would this damage the workings

      Yes, but when you place it upright against a wall, please fix it well to avoid falling down. Take care to prevent the ground from being wet. Be careful that water penetrates into the piano and causes damage when you mop the floor.

    • does the keyboard have a stand with it? If not what would you recommend to buy

      The keyboard does not have a stand."Donner DEP-20 Portable Keyboard 88-Key Weighted with Furniture Stand" has stand and stool,It is good quality and supports the keyboard well. Or you can buy a stand here

    • Does it have inbuilt tunes?

      Yes, this piano has inbulit tunes.

    • What headphones do I need for this as there are two headphone sockets.

      Headphones with 6.35mm jack are suitable for this piano.

    • Is the peddle included with the Keyboard?

      Yes, a sustain pedal is included with the digital piano keyboard. The universal sustain pedal with polarity switch is compatible with all electronic keyboards.

    • What is the difference between dep20 and dep10

      Dep 20 is a full weight digital piano, and the timbre / rhythm is 238/200; Dep 10 is a semi weighted digital piano with a voice / rhythm of 8/128.

    • Can you buy the furniture stand seperately? I don't like the fold out metal stands I want a proper wooden piece.

      This product does not include a piano stand. There is a Sheet Music Stand in the accessories. You can buy the piano stand you like separately.

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